Being a mother to two energetic boys  has been frustrating, time-draining, challenging and exciting. Sometimes, I long for the ‘sane’ years – when I didn’t have to repeat myself more than 20 times before I am understood. Or days when I can enjoy solitude for two minutes without the fear that Mo is up to some mischief.  Yes, Mo!

Mo is my youngest child; having him has given me grey hairs. With his innocence, he’ll win anyone over even though the bravest of all persons would cringe at babysitting him. Having a quiet house with Mo is a red alert for some mischief. As for SA, answering questions in truth has become a virtue.

Musingmumblog is my journey through motherhood, frustrations, figuring how best to raise non prejudiced and non gender biased children in the most unconventional ways. My ‘learnings’ from innocence as well as lessons for raising more balanced children.